HCPS strongly recommends indoor mask use for students during periods of high transmission

In compliance with the new state law, HCPS adjusted its student mask practices on Thursday, February 17.  The division strongly recommends universal mask use indoors by students during times of high community transmission; however, school leaders understand that some parents/guardians will opt their children out.

Federal law requires the continued use of face coverings on school buses, and employees must wear masks at school as required by the Department of Labor and Industry. Further, HCPS continues to require adult visitors and guests to wear face masks indoors at schools and division offices.

Families should continue daily health checks using the COVID-19 Health Screening for Students. Anyone who is ill should stay home until they are feeling better. If your child has COVID or was recently exposed to coronavirus, please report this information to your child’s school as soon as possible. Students who are returning from isolation, quarantine, or participating in Test to Stay need to wear a mask through Day 10, or parents may choose to keep them home until Day 11.